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ClaimDesk Online Risk Management Suite
We believe that the business process drives the software. We have built ClaimDesk in conjunction with our clients to solve the real challenges faced by risk managers, and encourage all of our clients to customize ClaimDesk to fit their needs. Putting the business process in control of the software.
To eliminate redundancy and double entry, ClaimDesk is a single platform, single point of entry, multi-modular system built upon your organizations structure and needs.
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You can own and control your data in real time from your own database. Create reports, identify trends and drive down incidents and costs.

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With Task Tracker you gain total control of all tasks associated with an incident. No more forgotten or lost tasks!
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What our clients are saying
Our risk management philosophy and claims management process has been taken to a new level. With this system as an integral part of our process, we have been able to reduce our injuries by 75% since implementing.
-Scott Coe
Risk Analyst